About us

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Brand Essence

Le Trap is a Portuguese brand built for those who want to collect memorable moments around the world, followed by style and personality.

We believe in the importance of sustainable and responsible consumption so, because of that, our production is carried out responsibly according to demand, to avoid waste as much as possible.

In Le Trap we prioritize the quality of materials, the care for details and we transform accessories into pieces that can be used on many occasions and can also be passed down from generation to generation.

Product Style

We are a classic and timeless brand of accessories with a touch of modernity.

Besides that, we prioritize quality and aesthetics by creating beautiful and functional handmade products born in the hands of European artisans, so that we can keep up with our clients throughout all the seasons of the year and anywhere in the world.

In our collections we choose to have neutral, colorful and different types of texture items.

Brand differentiation and attributes

Diversity is part of our identity, we value our customers’ profile which can be both independent men and women who know what they want and wear our products throughout the most different styles and occasions.

All our items are handmade by specialized artisans that use ancient techniques during the manufacturing process.

So far, after 18 months of brand, we have developed partnerships with a lot of influencers and bloggers from 15 different nationalities and we also sold to 34 different countries of the world.

Brand Story

Le Trap was created in July 2020 during the Covid-19 pandemic by Juliana Regadas, a Brazilian Portuguese mom of three kids.

Juliana has always been in love with hats but had a very hard time carrying them while travelling and due to this she decided to create her own solution. The outcome of that problem was a multi-functional backpack, the first in the world, which has a tough compartment to carry the hats without damaging them. Aside from that it also has two soft extra compartments.

From the love of fashion and conscious consumption, Juliana decided to create a quality accessories brand with a timeless design.

"We are proud of where we come from and it makes us very happy to know that each customer gets to have a little bit of us and our talented country.

From Portugal to the world and with you, anywhere!"
- Juliana Regadas -
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What´s your size?

The correct way to know your size is to measure the circumference of your head using a tape measure one finger above your ear and two fingers above your eyebrows.

Kids: 50/52 cm
XS (54/55 cm)
S (56/57 cm)
M (58/59 cm)
L (60/61 cm)

Como saber o seu tamanho?

A maneira correta de saber o seu tamanho é medir a circunferência da sua cabeça utilizando uma fita métrica a um dedo acima da orelha e a dois dedos acima das sobrancelhas.

Kids: 50/52 cm
XS (54/55 cm)
S (56/57 cm)
M (58/59 cm)
L (60/61 cm)