All products are individually identified with a security label/seal. If you wish to return the product(s) purchased(s), do not remove the safety label(s) from the same(s).

1.2. Should LE TRAP decide to return the purchased product(s), LE TRAP shall have the right not to accept the return of products if the returned parts do not have the corresponding safety label or seal, or when the labels have changed from their original state or have been damaged. LE TRAP will not accept returns of dirty, damaged parts or with any sign of use.

1.3. Upon receipt of the order, (a) Purchaser(a) shall have 14 (fourteen) days to return or exchange the product(s) (s) if it finds that the defects or other non-conformities are present, or by simple withdrawal, without the need to state the justification expressly.

1.4. To begin a process of exchange or return you must send an email to expressing your will. In the email you should include the following information:

– If you want a Return or Exchange and the order number.

1.5 If you wish to exchange for another product, you must send the product in question to LE TRAP and if it is without signs of use, we will send the new product chosen.

1.6. The costs of sending the returns are borne by the customer.

1.7. The costs of shipping of exchanges will be borne by the customer, as well as the difference in value between the products of the exchange (if any).

1.8. The exchange or return(s) of the product(s) shall be carried out through the same carrier that delivered the parts to its address or by registered mail as follows:

– Place the article and the invoice in a box and paste the address of Le TRAP on the outside. You should use the original packaging where you received the order so that the hat doesn’t get damaged. Close the box and seal it with tape. If the box has any labels, stickers or other materials from previous shipments, remove them.

– If you decide to use one of our carriers you should check the UPS, Wepickup or Fema website and find out where the nearest pick-up point is;

– After we have received the product in our warehouse, the Quality Department will check whether the part complies with our requirements for Exchange or Return. If yes, the exchange will be confirmed or the refund made within a maximum of 14 (fourteen) days, by the same payment method made by the customer;

– For the reimbursement of the amount paid (during the 15 days following the purchase), LE TRAP makes available to (a) Customer two options: issue of a voucher in the value of the returned product, which can only be discounted from the LE TRAP online store within a maximum period of 6 months from the date of issue; or the chargeback itself.

1.9. LE TRAP assumes no liability in the event of loss or damage occurring when sending the returned item

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What´s your size?

The correct way to know your size is to measure the circumference of your head using a tape measure one finger above your ear and two fingers above your eyebrows.

Size XS: 55 cm
Size S: 56 cm
Size M: 57 cm
Size L: 58 cm
Size XL: 59 cm
Size XXL: 60 cm

Como saber o seu tamanho?

A maneira correta de saber o seu tamanho é medir a circunferência da sua cabeça utilizando uma fita métrica a um dedo acima da orelha e a dois dedos acima das sobrancelhas.

Tamanho XS: 55 cm
Tamanho S: 56 cm
Tamanho M: 57 cm
Tamanho L: 58 cm
Tamanho XL: 59 cm
Tamanho XXL: 60 cm