Cascais Hat (Mini Cascais available)

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The Cascais is a Canotier hat model in the sky blue color manufactured by hand with the finest wool felt.
It has a 2.5cm wide gorgon ribbon and its brim is 9cm wide. The inner ribbon of the hat has a size regulator.
There is an option to put a different elastic ribbon over the sky blue ribbon.
We have 8 different color options of ribbons and they are for sale on our website.

Color: Blue Sky
100% Felt of Wool
Handmade in Portugal

Additional Information:

If the hat is for a child, please let us know in the Notes at checkout so that we can make the hat with the smaller brim.

The name Cascais came to honor the city of Cascais which is located in the south-central of Portugal.

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 42 × 41 × 18 cm