Castelo Branco Hat

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Castelo Branco is a Portuguese model hat in the color white pearl handmade with the finest quality wool felt.

It features 2 adornment options: one necklace with maxi pearls and gold steel inlays that can be used in Castelo Branco, in another hat and neck or the gorguron ribbon of the same tone of the hat.

The inside of the hat is all lined in white and it has a white inner ribbon in real leather. Its brim is 9 cm.

There is the option to remove the maxi pearl necklace and exchange for one of our various elastic ribbons that are for sale on our website, as well as the chain necklaces (silver and gold) of the São João da Madeira hat.

Color: White Pearl
100% Felt of Wool
Handmade in Portugal

Additional Information:
The name Castelo Branco was created to honor the city of the same name that is located in the center of Portugal.


Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 46 × 38 × 15 cm