London Backpack

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London backpack is multifunctional, practical, spacious and exclusive.

It is the only backpack in the world that has the 3 compartments below:
– A rigid compartment composed of 2 pieces in EVA that was specially developed to carry 1 to 7 hats (depending on the model), not letting them move and  not damaging them. One of the pieces in EVA is movable, so you can remove it and use this compartment to carry whatever you want (fragile items, clothes, shoes, etc).
– The other compartment has 4 pockets in its internal part where it is possible to carry: laptop, books, tablets, passports, documents, etc.
– A smaller compartment that works as an anti-theft pocket (stays in contact with your back) and where you can put your phone, cash, credit cards or other valuables articles. This pocket still has the functionality to be attached to your trolley.

Our backpack was made from vegan anti-risk leather (black, blue or camel) , hardware (option in silver or gold) in Zamak with nickel free and nylon interior (easy to clean and disinfect) customized with our pattern.

The gorgor handles are adjustable and you can carry it: on the back, in the hand or attached to your trolley.

On the outside, we put our icon, a hollow triangle with the number 7, our lucky number.

It is an innovative backpack that came to revolutionize the transportation of hats on travel.

Depth: 18cm
Hand strap: 3cm
Height: 43cm
Width: 37cm
Weight: 1.7kg

*Patent Pendant

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Weight 2.3 kg
Dimensions 47 × 39 × 19 cm