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Wind Rose

Wind Rose

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The Rosa dos Ventos Norte scarf has an exclusive print of a compass rose with cardinal points, collaterals and sub-collaterals designed with chains and golden polka dot necklaces, framed by a rope and with our triangle exactly in the center.

This Compass Rose symbolizes our purpose, which is to travel to all places in the world through our customers.

There are 4 different color combinations that represent the 4 cardinal points:

  • North – in shades of black, brown and terracotta
  • South – in shades of green, blue and white
  • East – in shades of toasted yellow, red and salmon
  • Oeste – in shades of lilac, pink and magenta

All the edges of the 4 scarves have several different tones, highlighting the beauty of the ends according to the way we tie the scarf.

Our logo is present on the print, thus valuing those who are part of the Le Trap World.



The scarf can be used in countless ways:

- In the neck
- In the head
- As a top
- Like a bag
- On the back

A versatile product with varied and super trendy colors.
Handmade in Portugal
Measurements: 90 cm x 90 cm
100% polyester satin scarf

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